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Magic Massage Combo - our most popular massage is a unique combination of Remedial Massage and Zen Shiatsu, bringing together the best of Eastern and Western massage techniques. If you don’t like either of these, you can request -

Remedial Massage - the ideal therapeutic massage for deep, soothing relaxation, because you deserve it! Great for the relief of stress, aches, pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Pregnancy Massage - techniques for treating the specific problems, discomforts and physiological changes of pregnancy, particularly in the second and third trimester.

We use a custom-designed pregnancy table as well as various bolsters suitable for even very late term pregnancy.

Zen Shiatsu - ideal for effecting a deeper change to longer standing causes of pain, as well as rebalancing energies (known as Ki or Ch’i) for optimal well-being. In a dedicated Shiatsu treatment, no oils are used.

“Zen Shiatsu” differs in a significant way from basic “Shiatsu”. In both, the masseuse uses thumbs, palms, fists, elbows and knees, but a Zen Shiatsu practitioner has studied the specific acu-points & meridians identified in traditional oriental medicine, and applies pressure appropriately.

     *      N.B. This is a massage treatment only and does not include the full Zen Shiatsu diagnostic.We can refer you elsewhere if required.

Hot Stones Therapy - penetrates deeper into the tissue. Used along with other techniques it restores physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You will be rubbed with oiled, smooth volcanic rocks which have been heated to the perfect temperature while others which have been strategically placed radiate their warmth down deeper, loosening and relaxing.

Surcharge applies (see Rates page).